Career Steps

Career Steps

What is Your Next Care­er Step?

Professional Reorientation         

You are mid-care­er loo­king back at a suc­cess­ful care­er. Howe­ver, in your cur­rent posi­ti­on you are lacking moti­va­ti­on and dri­ve. Now is the time for chan­ge. You are see­king a new role that offers more inde­pen­dence, mea­ning­ful­ness, and impact. May­be a care­er chan­ge is the right step now. What cor­re­sponds to your pro­fi­le and values? Whe­re to find rele­vant con­ta­cts to cru­cial door ope­ners and decisi­on makers? And how to get the cou­ra­ge, vigor, and deter­mi­na­ti­on to go ahead and make the first step?

Leadership on the Job

You are in a seni­or posi­ti­on satis­fied with your cur­rent job. What you now need is gui­d­ance to grow in this role and enhan­ce your lea­ders­hip com­pe­ten­ci­es. Or may­be you were just pro­mo­ted to a lea­ders­hip posi­ti­on yet lacking need­ful expe­ri­ence. May­be you are having con­flicts with your team or your boss not able to sol­ve them on your own. You are loo­king for a spar­ring part­ner to reflect on your lea­ders­hip role, refi­ne your skills, and gain more con­fi­dence in dealing with ever­y­day challenges.

Returnees Reintegration and Expats

You lived abroad for some years on a for­eign assign­ment. Now it is time to return home. You are see­king ori­en­ta­ti­on on the Ger­man or Euro­pean job mar­ket. Your net­work is no lon­ger up to date. In addi­ti­on, you do not have the insti­tu­tio­nal know­ledge nor a rea­listic esti­ma­te who would be inte­res­ted in your pro­fi­le and whe­re the oppor­tu­nities lie.

Or you are expat relo­ca­ting to Ger­ma­ny see­king ori­en­ta­ti­on on the local job mar­ket. You are not fami­li­ar with the Ger­man app­li­ca­ti­on pro­ces­ses and stan­dards nor with the diver­se occup­a­tio­nal fiel­ds, pro­fes­si­ons, and insti­tu­ti­ons. Fur­ther con­cerns you may have are the lack of cru­cial insi­der con­ta­cts and Ger­man lan­guage skills.


You have trea­ted yourself to a sab­ba­ti­cal. Or you inter­rup­ted your care­er for fami­ly care. How to initia­te a re-ent­ry into the job mar­ket? Is now the right time for a care­er chan­ge or even set­ting up your own busi­ness? Fur­ther con­cerns are how to exp­lain your care­er break to a poten­ti­al employ­er and what trai­nings you should con­si­der to bridge the time well?

Career Entry

You have just gra­dua­ted from uni­ver­si­ty and the­re are so many open ques­ti­ons. What are your com­pe­ten­ci­es and talents? What is your care­er goal? Which occup­a­tio­nal fiel­ds, pro­fes­si­ons, and roles match your pro­fi­le and per­so­na­li­ty? What are cru­cial fac­tors for a com­pel­ling CV, cover let­ter or inter­view to con­vin­ce the employ­er that you are a qua­li­fied can­di­da­te? Whe­re to find rele­vant jobs, in par­ti­cu­lar on the hid­den job mar­ket? And often so cru­cial for a suc­cess­ful job search: how do you build up a reli­able net­work wit­hin this field?