My pro­fes­sio­nal com­pe­tence and field exper­ti­se is based upon many years of con­sul­ting spe­cia­lists in inter­na­tio­nal orga­niz­a­ti­ons, glo­bal affairs, deve­lo­p­ment as well as aca­de­mia and the non­pro­fit sec­tor. Ther­eby I was able to deve­lop a wide-ran­ging net­work of con­ta­cts that have pro­ven to be a valu­able resour­ce for my care­er counseling.

Public Sec­tor & Diplomacy

ZIF Cen­ter for Inter­na­tio­nal Peace Ope­ra­ti­ons, Berlin
Pro­fes­sio­nal reo­ri­en­ta­ti­on for civi­li­an experts retur­ning from peace­kee­ping missions

GIZ Deut­sche Gesell­schaft für Inter­na­tio­na­le Zusam­men­ar­beit, Eschborn 
Coa­ching seni­or experts and exe­cu­ti­ves at home and abroad

Ger­man Federal For­eign Office, For­eign Ser­vice Aca­de­my, Berlin 
Care­er trai­nings for diplo­mats’ part­ners (MAPs)

InWent, Deve­lo­p­ment Poli­cy Forum (now GIZ), Berlin
Team Lea­der at the EU Sum­mit and Afri­can Part­ners­hip Forum

Embas­sy of Cana­da to Ger­ma­ny, Berlin
Mode­ra­ti­on and staff team development

US Embas­sy, New Tra­di­ti­ons Net­work, Berlin
Foun­ding con­cept, net­work coor­di­na­ti­on, and pro­ject management

Aca­de­mia & Universities

Her­tie School of Gover­nan­ce, Berlin
Care­er coun­selor and trai­ner for gra­dua­tes of the Mas­ter in Public Poli­cy program

Max Planck Socie­ty (MPG), Munich
Mem­ber of the MPG Coa­ching Pool for Exe­cu­ti­ves and Postdocs

Helm­holtz Asso­cia­ti­on, Ber­lin / Munich
Care­er deve­lo­p­ment trai­nings for young sci­en­tists espe­cial­ly for women

Ger­man Aca­de­mic Scho­l­ar­s­hip Foun­da­ti­on, Bonn
Care­er deve­lo­p­ment trai­nings for the Mer­ca­tor Fel­low­ship and Car­lo Schmidt Program

Ger­man Aca­de­mic Exchan­ge Ser­vice (DAAD), Berlin
Pro­fes­sio­nal reo­ri­en­ta­ti­on for DAAD lec­tu­rers retur­ning from their assign­ments abroad

GOLIN Wis­sen­schafts­ma­nage­ment, Berlin
Mem­ber of the trai­ner pool for gra­dua­te schools and rese­arch institutes

GISMA Busi­ness School, Berlin
App­li­ca­ti­on trai­nings for inter­na­tio­nal gra­dua­tes (MBA, M.Sc.)

Cha­ri­té Hos­pi­tal, Inter­na­tio­nal Health Sum­mer School, Berlin
Lec­tu­rer for care­er ori­en­ta­ti­on of inter­na­tio­nal health experts

Cen­ter for Sci­ence and Rese­arch Manage­ment (ZWM), Speyer
Lea­ders­hip trai­ning for women experts in sci­ence management

Non­pro­fit & Foundations

Mer­ca­tor Foun­da­ti­on, Essen
Trai­ner and care­er coun­selor for the Mer­ca­tor Fel­low­ship on Inter­na­tio­nal Affairs

LEAD Aca­de­my, Berlin
Women lea­ders­hip trai­nings wit­hin the Lea­ders­hip in the Digi­tal World Curriculum

Her­tie Foun­da­ti­on, pro­gram fel­lows & friends, Berlin
Care­er coun­selor, trai­ner and mode­ra­tor for Her­tie Alumni

Robert Bosch Foun­da­ti­on, Stuttgart
Build-up, estab­lish­ment, and manage­ment of the Robert Bosch Fel­low­ship Program

Women in Inter­na­tio­nal Secu­ri­ty,, Berlin
Trai­ner and care­er coun­selor for women in for­eign and secu­ri­ty poli­cy; hono­ra­ry Board Member

Cul­tu­ral Vis­tas, New York / Berlin
Inter­na­tio­nal care­er deve­lo­p­ment for stu­dents and young pro­fes­sio­nals from USA

Glo­bal Con­nec­tion — Expat Part­ner Sup­port, Ree­u­wi­jk, Netherlands
Care­er coun­selor for expat part­ners of mul­ti­na­tio­nal corporations

Tönis­stei­ner Kreis, Berlin
Exe­cu­ti­ve Direc­tor and Pro­gram Mana­ger pro­mo­ting inter­na­tio­nal leadership

Ame­ri­can Aca­de­my in Berlin
Asso­cia­te Direc­tor and Pro­gram Mana­ger in sup­port of trans­at­lan­tic relations